“Our History”

Our church, a body of Christian believers having the same creed, has had a long and impressive history of work and workers led by capable and dedicated pastors.
Historical Highlights
1906:                   Mission Band formed from Community Charity Group.  Reverend Benjamin Leroy became leader of this band assisted by wife, Josephine.
1908:                    Beginning of Christian Home Missionary Baptist Church.
1908 – 1930:        Reverend Benjamin Leroy, Pastor, with wife, Josephine.
1930 – 1932:       Reverend William Snow, Pastor.
1932:                    Mother Phyllis Addison led briefly following Reverend Snow.
1932 – 1958:       Reverend Lucious Basil (L.B.) Tolson, Pastor, with wife Mattie and following her death, wife Hulda.
1958 – 1985:       Reverend Mitchell W. Moore, Pastor, with wife Iantha.
1985 – 1986:       Reverend Allen Anderson, Jr., became Interim Pastor.
1985 – 2014:       Reverend Delbert R. Jefferson, Pastor, with wife Minnie.
2014 – 2015:       Reverend Pete Hawkins, became Interim Pastor, with wife Corine.
2015 – present:   Reverend Lucious L. Davis, Sr., Pastor, with wife Kimberly.
Our complete history can be found in our history  book as presented by the CHMBC Historical Committee.