what we believe

Our vision is to become a visible Community of Christ-like individuals; building a spiritual legacy of encouragement and hope for the Third Ward Community and the world. 

We are committed to:
  • CREATING a climate of worship that enables people to say “YES” to the love of God.
  • CULTIVATING a community that nurtures spiritual growth in the lives of believers.
  • COMMISSIONING every believer to serve the world through their unique talents and gifts
  • COMMUNICATING the gospel to everyone we can!


Here at “The Home”, we gather to praise GOD, listen to Him and nurture one another in faith and obedience to Christ.  As we pursue GOD’S justice and peace in every area of our lives, we will commit ourselves to serve our church as well as our community so that GOD can receive the glory.  We believe that by practicing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), we will be able to EMPOWER, EMBRACE and EVANGELIZE our Church as well as community and EXALT God in the process.